My Dying Bride - Songs of Darkness, Words of Light (Peaceville Records) - Back
Reluctantly enough... My Dying Bride returns!!! As dark and as epic as the previous album ("The Dreadful Hours") may have sounded, "Songs of Darkness, Words of Light" long-surpasses it's predecessor. MDBs' 8th studio album sees them at the prime of their careers, for a second time if that is at all possible? The opening track ("The Wreckage of My Flesh") ultimately, is a great funeral dirge for the ages. As "The Scarlet Garden" gives a glimpse of light (but only a small glimpse, hehe) to the album, a somber story of a woman named "Catherine Blake" portrays MDB as still, the godfathers of Doom metal in the truest form. Melancholic with moaning wails, yet utterly frightening as Aaron still chars the mic with guttural flames and inspires with poetic tongue. Although "My Wine in Silence" sounds like their most commercial piece in the band's history, "The Prize of Beauty" may be chosen as their first video shoot since the "Like Gods of the Sun"-era (which would be like 7 years)!! Anyways, back to the review. The last three songs on SoDWoL are reminiscent of "The Angel and the Dark River", very dark, epic and moody with a sense of chaotic prosperity. I can go on and on for hours, days, years on how much good Aaron, Ade, Andrew, Hamish, Sarah, and Shaun have done with this release. Even the artwork this time around is particularly intense. I did, however, think the angels' head could've been left alone, but that's just my opinion. The cover (done by Andy Green) actually reminds me of something that one of Galders' bands (Dimmu Borgir & Old Man's Child) would assumably adopt. My Dying Bride have ultimately found the broken dominion whereas Martins' angelic violin once graced their atmospheres to bring light (...or dark) to a brand new aura. "Songs of Darkness, Words of Light" redefines the metal of Doom!!!

Rating: 97

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell