My Empty Room - Grand Illusions (Independent) - Back
From the Danish lands in Copenhagen, comes a progressive rock band called My Empty Room. This 4-song 40-minute offering called "Grand Illusions" is the band’s first release and varies quite extensively. The biggest difference between My Empty Room aside from most other progressive rock bands nowadays is them vs. newer technologies. What I mean by this is there doesn't seem to be a lot of looping and sampling. Also, this recording sounds much like a very well-kept 70's tape re-mastered for disc. This is just all-out balls in the mid-70's vein like that of Rush, Yes and Genesis. The best example of this is probably the track known as "Illusions." An extreme 70's persona! My Empty Room have some heavier, more metal elements too which are evident throughout the disc. Hell... the songs are long enough, so you'll most likely hear anything. The vocals are clean with an early Gabriel or Jon Anderson vibe, guitars fall nothing short of heavier Rush / Yes style, and the drums & bass are helped with the production to make this a little muddy and near flawless for the purpose. If these guys continue for a long while, they'll soon become one of the better things prog. rock will have to offer...

Rating: 78

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell