My Fate - MMVI (My Fate Music) - Back
In the nearly eight years since the melodic metal band My Fate was created they have put out several releases. “MMVI” is a four track EP that is the bands fifth release and third EP in that time period.

My Fate calls Tampere, Finland their home and like many of their metal brethren have created music which is heavy yet melodic. They consider themselves melodic metal, which does classify them correctly but also seem to be a cross between metalcore and melodic death metal.

The band uses hard-hitting riffs and balances them with nice melodies. Much of the guitars seem to be made up of passionate riffs, which entertain the listener. Guttural death vocals, yelling grimacing vocals, and clean vocals vary throughout the songs and album keeping the songs active. After 6 years their old vocalist Antti Ojanenm left the band. This EP is the band’s first with the new vocalist Jukka Ruostila. The new singer does a sufficient job.

These four tracks last for about twenty-one minutes. Everything was written, recorded and produced by the band. The artwork and CD layout in digipak form for “MMVI,” came out nice. My Fate achieved a solid effort all around though could use a little shot of adrenaline to make their music a little more invigorating.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins