Mykorrhiza – Mykorrhiza (Konqueror Records) - Back
Mykorrhiza came out with their self-titled EP around a year after getting together, and they managed to use good elements in every song. There are some nice riffs on this CD. Death metal crossed with a mix of black and a couple things that actually reminded me of Danzig. It’s a unique mix and its great to experiment, but those elements work together sometimes on a hit or miss basis. There might be too much of a difference to make it work all the time. But I like their Swedish death sound much better. I think they sound similar to Incantation and Dismember at times as well. The five tracks are pretty extreme but it only last for just over sixteen minutes. I didn’t really have a favorite song, but “Consume” is a decent track. It gets your head moving to the beat. At times the recording sounded a little cheap, but I found out the louder you play this disc the better it sounds. So make sure you turn it up when playing Mykorrhiza!

Rating: 64