N17 - Defy Everything (Slipdisc Records) - Back
The Phoenix, Arizona based band November 17 (N17) comes back with another album that is even more in your face, then the last one. This is the bands second full-length album, entitled "Defy Everything." The name November 17 comes from a terrorist organization, an extreme organization. A great name for an extreme group as N17. Imagine the heaviness of Fear Factory crossed with the catchy riffs of Rammstein, and a taste of Ministry and N17 is what you get. The Western Herold stated, "The band has been compared to KMFDM, only meaner." N17 is definitely ferocious in every form of their music. Vocals that shout out at you and tell you what their point is, the crunch of the guitar kicking your ass, and the sound of the drums and industrial percussion to get your blood flowing. Songs like "Cleanse," "Mute," "Waste," and "BAAL" all do this for you. In "Cleanse" the lyrics state, "All around the world revolt!" The way he uses it gets you right in the songs and want you to find out what to revolt against. 11 tracks are on this grandiose album filled with unrestrained content. I am sure that Slipdisc Records is overjoyed with this band, and hope to see many more albums from them. I know I do. There is no doubt in my mind that this album is a 91 on the rating scale. Anything else wouldn't be even close to being accurate. "Defy Everything" is out in stores now, don't be foolish, and miss out on this album.

Rating: 91