Nachtmystium - Nachtmystium (Battle Kommand Records) - Back
Nachtmystium plays traditional black metal they way it was meant to be. Speed driven, chaotic, and intense, but you also can’t forget those ghostly dark melodies. This self-titled EP is actually the band second release. It originally came out in 2002. Dark Throne and Judas Iscariot must be influences, it’s quite apparent in their music. Nachtmystium uses a muddle black metal guitar sound that make the guitars sound like they are crying. Adding to the dark components of the band are the demonic chanting vocals, screeches, belches, and screams like hell is rising to the earth’s surface. I was kind of surprised when I heard a solo on “Come Forth, Devastation,” nothing to spectacular, but a worthy mention. Not every band of this style spends time on solos. I must comment them for weaving it into their apocalyptic sound. The production is exactly what you expect for this type of metal, nice and raw. You can attribute that to Akhenaten of Judas Iscariot who engineered and produced this disc. Which works out nicely because Nachtmystium cover the Judas Iscariot song “Gaze Upon Heaven In Flames.” There are six tracks and twenty-four minutes on this opus. Not really much to gripe about with this disc, everything is pretty straightforward, just a few dull spots. A few more key riffs mixed in would help a little. If this sounds like your interests, I suggest you take a listen and watch the music peel the paint off your walls.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins