Naglfar - Pariah (Century Media) - Back
The modern black metal sound of Naglfar is once again driven into the music of the band’s new effort. Now its grace is on “Pariah,” their 4th full-length. I would characterize their music similar to Dimmu Borgir, Dissection and Dark Funeral. You can thank their dual shredding black metal guitarists for that along with the lethal blast of drums, and overall dark atmosphere. The songs carry energy throughout, but there are a few breaks that cut that flow. Generally, the music grabs your attention…particularly the catchy main riffs. New to the band on this album is Kristoffer Olivius, who took over on vocals for Jens Ryden due to job issues. The vocals came out well. He knows now to use ferocious black metal screams. These nine tracks, which really are only eight songs, are a pretty consistent effort. Nothing lags behind the rest for the whole thirty-nine minutes.

Rating: 87