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One might find it hard to believe that Naglfar has been around for fifteen years now and their new disc žHarvestÓ is their fifth album, but both are true. These melodic black metal masters have put-together nine tracks and forty-five minutes plus for your listening pleasure. žHarvestÓ is a great follow up from their 2005 release žPariah,Ó it picks up where that left off, even adds another step up in quality. Naglfar uses a good combination of elements like ferocious black metal vocals, addicting guitar riffs and blast-beats a plenty. Everything from the melodic to the fastidious shows the great range and dynamics of this band. žHarvestÓ is full-sounding with nothing missing in the composition. These Swedes know what appeals to true metalheads of the world and with tracks like žThe Mirrors of My SoulÓ and žThe Darkest Road,Ó there can be no question about it. žInto the Black,Ó žBreathe Through Me,Ó žOdium Generis Humani,Ó žFeeling Moloch,Ó and the namesake for the album, žHarvest,Ó are all quality tracks as well. žHarvestÓ is one of the forerunners for metal album of the year for me. It should be for you as well. Long-live Naglfar!!


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins

Second Review:

This album hasn't been that extensively reviewed like it should be though the existing ones have done it some justice. 'Harvest' is a blend of actually 2 genres of Metal "Blackened Death Metal" and pure "Black Metal". I have not heard previous releases by this band but they used to, according to the data, be strictly "Black Metal".

The lyrics are a perfect match for the music -- they are basically about death, dying, suicide and severe depression. Each song is melodic pretty much all featuring blast beats, melodic guitar riffs, "Wrath's" sick vocals and some blinding solos (on a few tracks). I conclude that there are no weak points to this album. It's well mixed, each instrument/vocals aren't lacking anything really amazing release.

There are however many tempo changes to the songs not everything is just blast beating frenzies. The melodic parts are really amazing and original. They stand alone here with 'Harvest' being dubbed by some to be one of the top releases of this year. Not enough people into Metal have heard this though I encourage everyone that likes "Black Metal", "Death Metal" and "Blackened Death Metal" to purchase this ASAP! I doubt that you will dislike it in any way.

If this work sounds promising now to you check out some tracks such as "Into The Black", "The Darkest Road" and the title track "Harvest". These are my favorite songs though I love all of them! If you aren't able to find any of their songs on the Internet then I suggest that you just purchase the album!

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