Napalm Death - Enemy Of The Music Business (Spitfire) - Back
The death metallers are back, and they seemed more pissed then ever! Napalm Death seems as if they have gone back to the time of "Harmony Corruption" with their new release entitled "Enemy Of The Music Business." While listening to this CD I realized that this album seems very old-school. It reminded me of the early nineties all over again, when death metal was huge. With an album like this, its bound help get death metal huge once again. The album is filled with anger and fury, almost as if Napalm Death has been reborn. After listening to this album, over and over again, I finally realized that just about every song on this CD is good. I weeded out a few of my favorites, and they include "Constitutional Hell," "Thanks For Nothing," "Cure For The Common Complaint," and my favorite track "(The Public Get) What The Public Doesn't Want." There are fourteen old-school death metal songs on this album, and over forty-eight minutes of craziness. If you were never into Napalm Death then this is a good time to get into them, and if you once were into Napalm Death and then put them on the back burner, then this is a time for you to get back into them, once again.

Rating: 89