Napalm Death - The Code is Red...Long Live the Code (Century Media) - Back
Geez-uz-h-krist! The masters and creators of Grind are back, and man... they have lost absolutely no momentum! "The Code is Red..." is something like their 12th full-length I believe and I really think 12 more could follow. This album has so much correlation with "Harmony Corruption" and "Enemy of the Music Business," it's sickening. Almost every track of the 16 is non-stop aggressive brutality, with some of the best Napalm "mosh"-riffs I have ever heard! "The Great and the Good" is really the only track that leaves me in question. The vocals aren't bad, there is just a funky clean style thrown in there that seems oddly placed. This is in no way ineffectiveness as far as the whole album goes. "Silence is Deafening," "Sold Short," and "Pledge Yourself To You" are my favorites that induce some new and some old elements simultaneously. "Barney" has repatented his Freddy Krueger vocals more so than ever, and Danny-boy Herrera masters the drum kit with each and every beat, blast, roll, and hi-hat ting (like he didn't before!). Napalm Death is a name in metal that will long be remembered for their aggression and speed, and I believe this one may rank right alongside "Harmony Corruption". Although, don't totally expect to hear "Harmony...". There are a lot of differences, yet a lot of similarities. Much like most Napalm discs, we'll all have this on our playlists for a long time....

Rating: 90

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell