Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption (Earache Records) - Back
If your desire is to know what an ideal Death Metal album or more particularly Napalm's best work to date, this one is IT. Some accusations here I've heard is that Napalm copied the Floridian DM sound of the early 90's. While I say yes there are similarities, I still feel Harmony is original as is all the Napalm I've heard. Since I am a guitarist, let's look at the sound and riff structure first off. If you have the metal zone pedal more power to ya cuz the distortion here is MAXED OUT.

If you haven't heard this album, the distortion is similar to Suffocations. Next, the riff writing was not overtly complicated and technical just heavy, fast and insanely intense. Their riffs are composed of bar chord usage, tremelo picked notes and single note grindage.

Though yes I am a guitarist, my favorite feature of the album is the DRUMS. Why though? A name that may be long forgotten: Mick Harris. This guy tore it up his next to last effort with the band entirely his energy is astounding but yet his drum lines are basic and well fitting. One thing that will pump you up is the blast beating..If you have Live Corruption you'll know what I mean because you get to see him in action.

One of the fastest and most intense experiences are viewed on Live Corruption. Mick kept the band intense, brutal and insane which is something they have lacked since his departure. Barney, his first effort with the band and best one to date. To compare, he's similar sounding to Frank Mullen-Suffocation but seems to have a sustain longer and more parts where he's bellowing: YAARGHHHHHH, THRASH, REIGNNNNNNNNNNNN, etc.

It therefore makes things atypical and exciting. Another note here, John Tardy-Obituary and Glen Benton-Deicide are guest vocals for the song Unfit Earth. The promise of Harmony Corruption 2000 has ended without fulfillment yet this album remains in the Death Metal archives forever for being one of the best records ever made. Old Napalm Death is dead, long live old Napalm!


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