Natas/Dragonauta Split (Icarus Records) - Back
Natas and Dragonauta, two bands from South America, are two stoner rock bands. For you people out there that don't know what stoner rock sounds like, throw a Black Sabbath CD in your CD player. Stoner rock bands have a similar sound to them. Also picture a band that has groove influenced music, with the distortion on their guitars turn down. Of these two bands, I have heard more about Natas, but I enjoy the music by Dragonauta more. On the Natas half of this CD, I only cared for the first track, "Xanadú," and that was a decent track. With the Dragonauta side of this CD I liked "Astroinfierno," "Guardian del Hongo," and "Profeta del Mar." The CD has a total of nine tracks on it and fifty-four minutes of music. As a whole the album was a little under produced, but decent. It just seems that they could have fixed the sound with a little more time in the studio. I think the cool aspect of this CD is that the lyrics are in Spanish, I believe, definitely not english. That gives these bands a little more to their music, to make stoner rock more of their own. I'm sure these bands will be sticking around for a while, especially in their native countries.

Rating: 74