The National Cemetery Orchestra - Prince of Rosh (Independent) - Back
Don't let the name fool you! The National Cemetery Orchestra is a one-man instrumental project utilizing the death metal spectrum. Prince of Rosh is a symphony of heavy, choppy guitar picking with a lot of slow doomy breakdowns and some bravely archaic drum-machine beats that actually fit the mold of this project well. Certainly, this is quite an achievement for any one musician... it takes a helluva long time putting everything together to make anything sound even remotely like a song. Fortunately for Karl Nix, the time and effort put into this has made its mark. On the other hand, this output definitely needs vocals to make any giant leaps forward. I do realize soloists such as Joe Satriani or James Murphy are just fine without vocals, for the styles they play in contrast. Then again, there are ambient projects like Raison d'etre and Fata Morgana who suffice as well. Maybe it's just the ears trying to adjust to a metal sound without any vocals therein. I don't know exactly what it is the National Cemetery Orchestra will achieve or will strive to achieve, but I enjoyed it nonetheless...

Rating: 70

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell