The National Cemetery Orchestra - Monument (Independent) - Back
Hailing from Virginia is a one-man project name The National Cemetery Orchestra and their latest release “Monument” continues their old-school death/thrash sound. Karl Nix writes everything and plays all of the instruments, which is quite impressive in itself. The Nation Cemetery Orchestra is an instrumental oriented band that blasts extreme metal into your ears. From the pounding eerie intro to an outro even more mysterious, you will find a vibe in the likes of Sadus, Morbid Angel, Brutality, Sinister, Slayer, Oppressor, and Incantation. It’s aggressive for the most of the eight tracks and forty-seven minutes. The death/thrash riffage is the best part of the disc and at times is as good as an assortment of classics…however some parts lack in quality, which kind of ruin it for me. These parts just cut the flow making you feel stranding like you’re in the middle of the oceans with no land in sight. I found the drum machines to be a little distracting, taking a part out of the richness of the music. Also, a few notes are off in my opinion, becoming ear-piercing to the point of almost being annoying. Tightening up a few parts would help too. A few of these unpleasant parts drain the energy out of you, and you can become easily distracted. Production isn’t horrible, but a little cleaning wouldn’t hurt. A few parts could even be mixed out. Speaking of which, did a few parts max-out on the board? It seems there would be a need to level out those peaks. It’s a shame, if the music could be kept together for a whole disc, this would be damn good! Second track is the only thing close. However there are ingredients that show some promise for the future...


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins