Necro - The Pre-Fix For Death (Psycho Logical Records) - Back
Hmm…where should I start? Necro can be considered Death Rap or Metal Hip-Hop, either way it’s nothing gratifying for me. It’s definitely not metal. “The Pre-Fix For Death” uses very few metal elements, if at all. It’s like a rapper doing hip-hop, but talking about metal. The lyrics are the only things that are metal worthy, and they aren’t consistent. This disc left me with one expression…huh? I don’t know what to think of this. At times it’s comparable to Body Count and ICP, mostly because of the impressive guest musician list. Guest musicians include Danny Lilker, Jamey Jasta, Trevor Perez, John Tardy, Sid Wilson (#0), and more. That’s the only thing that is really redeemable on this CD. Even when they are involved it still isn’t that good, but at least those tracks are listenable for metalheads. There are a few heavy riffs that are catchy, however it doesn’t out-way the rap feel. I understand Necro opened up for some of the guest musicians and his history in metal, but I’m still confused on why so many respected metal musicians got involved with this obviously hardcore rap sound. I don’t know what people expected. It’s hard to review rap on a metal reviewing website when everything is done from a metal or hard rock point of view. If you are into rap you might like this. Metalheads probably should stay away. Sorry, it’s just not my cup of tea.

Rating: 39