Necronom - Exordium (Winterthorn) - Back
Formed in early 1994, Necronom was created to showcase the talents of Christopher Howard Lincoln and Colleen Bortscheller. Later that same year the band suffered a tragic loss when Colleen was killed in a car accident. Christopher was not gonna let their musical ideas go to waste, so he continued on and eventually created this CD, "Exordium." The music can be described as a death/black metal cross or atmospheric death. Using atmospheric keyboards and sound effects, as well a classic death metal sound, Necronom sounds like they could have a promising future. The opening track, "A Prophet's Return," exemplifies this sound, and is put together well. "The Ashes of Empire," has a good atmosphere, but the guitar sounds like it could use a little work, as well as the drums. The drums on this CD sound like they are a drum machine, and if they had a real drummer, and added more drums, this CD would have a more rich feeling. "Thistles in Winter," is the last track on this CD and it's a pretty good instrumental. Now if Necronom creates more music like the first and last track, there might be something to look forward to on the next release. The three tracks, and seventeen minutes of this CD give you a taste of what the band is about, but not a full understanding. Necronom has a good start, let's see what comes out next.

Rating: 72