Necrophagia - Harvest Ritual: Volume 1 (Coffin Records/Red Stream) - Back
Necrophagia may have strayed a little from the sound that people know, this is horror or gore death metal with thrash. It is not really black metal, at least not as much as the other releases. “Harvest Ritual: Volume 1” has straightforward, super brutal, nasty, heavy riffs will rot your face off. I can feel the pus running down my face right now!! Almost sounds like Carcass at times. Every heavy note is another sledgehammer to the temple. The riffs make your head thrash forward and back and the atmosphere completes this horror of horrors. Necrophagia uses hauntingly eerie atmospheres with a Halloween tone. I love the sound effects; they work very well for Necrophagia’s sound. “Akumu” is a great break in the album, a short but sweet eerie tale. I almost want to say that this disc is my favorite Necrophagia album. If you never checked out a Necrophagia CD yet, you need to check this one at least.

Rating: 83