Necrophagist - Epitaph (Relapse Records) - Back
Amongst European borders for about 10 years and now presented to the US front is the elite, Necrophagist. "Epitaph", the band’s 2nd official offering (excluding demos), delivers flawlessly potent shredding technical/progressive death metal in the form of that which has never been done!! Personally, I've never heard such technical precision in the death metal genre since that of course, Death. The German quartet have quite amazing talents and certainly are aimed to set new standards for the next wave of extreme music. To have a favorite song on here I suppose is possible, but most impossible is it not to give this disc a spin in it's entirety. Throughout "Epitaph", there are loads of guitar solos, catchy lightning-fast riffing, intricate drumming, Sinister-like vocals, and even DiGiorgio-esque bass tapping! There are 8 tracks in all and totals in at a little over a half hour, which means each track roughly is about 4 minutes long. If this doesn't quite suit you, by all means turn your head and walk your ass back to the ghetto. For only the true metal at heart can rightfully acknowledge Necrophagists' place in the metal spectrum - that place is rapidly escalating! For fans of brutal & technical death metal.

Rating: 98

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell