Neither - Demo (Independent) - Back
A demo is a great way to get a band going, and Neither has a pretty good one here. The band reminds me of old school black metal but with death, doom, and thrash incorporated all over. They have a unique layered sound that is hard to get used to; it’s hard to explain. It’s like chaotic black metal, or a weird hybrid of black and death. I would love to see what this would sound like if they could use the studio and get the production of Dimmu Borgir or Emperor; it’s not bad for a demo. A better mix could improve the majority of what needs improvement. More experience will also help this band. Not everything is unpleasant; actually there are redeeming qualities all over. You can hear Cradle of Filth, Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir, and God Dethroned a little in their music. A dredging down tuned guitar can be heard sometimes, heavy riffing similar to Dimmu Borgir, but very death metal sounding. This self-titled demo might not get many people to follow this band, but you have to appreciate what they have created. You can tell they are a young band, with more time they will improve on what they can already do.

Rating: 60