Nekropolis - The Perversion of Humanity (Subversiv Records) - Back
Hailing from Switzerland, Nekropolis has released their debut album entitled “The Perversion of Humanity.” The band uses black and death elements with ultramodern crossover influences to create something dark, inspiring and 100% METAL!! Melodic, aggressive, thrashy and abrasive all describe what the band has produced on this disc. While being heavily death oriented, select tracks obtain a certain presence that give them an epic feeling; similar to what Emperor and Cradle of Filth can create. A great example of this is the forth track, “One Day In Hell.” The keys tie everything together nicely, and provide an atmosphere comparable to the greats. Guitars, bass and drums all work well together, and with this solid core, we can expect much more exhilarating music in the future. The vocals they use are your typical death and black metal styles, combined together to create an element similar to two guitarists trading off riffs. That’s just one of the many things that adds to the dynamics of this band. The only thing I can think of to complain about is the siren in track 5, “Misanthropy”. To put it simply, it annoyed the hell out me, and it ruined an otherwise good track for me. I understand the idea of why it was used, but it took away from the song. Thirteen tracks and over fifty-one minutes of controlled chaos will make you appreciate that you are a metal head. Fans of death and black will enjoy this, and probably people into thrash as well.

Rating: 89