Nephenzy Chaos Order - Pure Black Disease (Baphomet Records/Red Stream) - Back
Yet another Abyss Studios recording by Mr. Tommy Tagtgren (well also, Endarken Studios by Magnus Devo Andersson)! This time, Tagtgren undergoes a band that calls itself Nephenzy Chaos Order or just N.C.O. "Pure Black Disease" is a pretty accurate description of this 5-piece from the Scandinavian region as they certainly perform "Pure Black-metal Disease"!! An even better interpretation of NCO would be Panzer Division-era Marduk... no questions asked! As a lot of bands seem cloned from another, NCO have a crushing following and hence- the name. Not only do NCO play fast "no-holds-barred" black metal, they also mix it up with some very heavy breakdowns and mid-paced material as in the songs: "Total Abuse" and "Control". A very hateful offering indeed! To all blackened fans out there, behold!!!

Rating: 82

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell