Nest - Woodsmoke (Corvus Records) - Back
This, my friends, is an ode to our mystic landscapes in the far northern regions of the world. While Nest does not feature any hard-pounding guitars or percussion (at least, not much), this will attract many if not... all metal music lovers! Nest make up these extraordinary atmospheres performing mostly with an ancient kantele (A. Tolonen... also featured on the new Shape of Despair disc), bass and vocals (T. Saxell). I'll tell you, though, "Woodsmoke" sounds a lot "fuller" and much more "complex" than I can actually describe. Nest is an ever flowing voice for natures' vast northern landscapes. Covering any and all possible angles of past, present & future mythologies and realities of folk... these two Finns have found something to cherish and hibernate amongst in the Arctic. The album art is very eccentric and personal. In a way, almost describing the album before listening to it. I wouldn't and couldn't pass this one by! For fans into Agalloch, Tenhi, Empyrium, or any acoustic/ambient music. Beautiful and dreamy!!

Rating: 92

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell