Neurosis - Sovereign (Neurot Recordings) - Back
In the past fifteen years the band Neurosis, has messed with our mind and our senses. Especially the hearing and the visual. Anyone that has seen these guys live they know they put on a great show, musically and visually. Now on the bands latest release, "Sovereign," Neurosis takes you on a visual trip with an interactive section on their CD for your computer. Its simply put, its quite amazing, and I haven't even got to the music yet. "Sovereign" picks up where "Times of Grace" left off. From what I understand, I think the four songs on this CD were among some of the songs they thought about putting on their last album, but left off due to not having enough room. If you like Neurosis' rhythmic intrusion on your ears and your mind, you will like this CD. The four songs on this CD last over 32 minutes. I have been a fan of Neurosis for quite a while now, and I still can classify there music. I know a lot of their roots include punk music, but there isn't much shown in their music from the last few years. I think the best description of their music was stated by Metal Maniacs when they called Neurosis a thick, orchestral dirge. There are so many layers to their music, they sit by themselves in their own metal genre. My favorite song on this CD was the title track, "Sovereign," a 13 minute invasion of your mind. Its starts off relatively quiet, then changes into a eerie abstract fathom, then after a few minutes it developed into a wall of sound. The third track, "Flood," is a great instrumental track that leads up to the last song. "An Offering," reminds me a little of older Godflesh when it started, then it evolves into the classic Neurosis sound. All the songs are good. Everyone should at the very least should give this CD a chance, it is worth your time.

Rating: 91