Neurosis - Times of Grace (Relapse Records) - Back
After a three year period without an album, the band, Neurosis, comes back with a great new effort. "Times of Grace," is set to be released on May 4th from Relapse Records. This newest album continues their strange, but distinct metal sound that they can call their own. In no way does this style make their music any less interesting, it actually makes it easier to get into. Elements of doom, and your typical, straight forward metal are felt throughout the 66 minutes of this album. "The Last You'll Know," "Times of Grace," and "The Doorway" are songs that set forth the tone of the whole album. There are around four, 3-minute or less instrumentals which are counter balanced by the 7 songs that are at least 6 minutes long, though most of them are between 7 to 10 minutes in length. This should tell the listeners that these guys do not mess around when they write, they more or less compose their music. For this week's rating for "Times of Grace," a 92 should suffice. Neurosis is respected among well known metal bands like Pantera and Black Sabbath, who have toured with them quite frequently. In fact, Neurosis was invited by Ozzy to the Columbus make-up date of the 1997 Ozzfest tour. Currently, the band is preparing for a short East Coast tour, which will be starting in early June.

Rating: 92