Neverdream - Chemical Faith (Independent) - Back
“Chemical Faith” is a concept album about Christiane F. and her problems with life and especially drugs like heroin. It’s quite a story! A book and movie have already been made about it. Well this is the music about here story. Now all 3 major mediums are covered! The first full-length album from Neverdream is entitled “Chemical Faith” and is comprised of progressive metal from Italy. I’ve always thought concept albums and progressive music go well together. Nice match up! One thing as you listen, whether it’s a heavy or melodic part, their music seems to be a passionate. It’s a nice aura to feel. Incorporated into their music are a few traits akin to some well known metal bands. Neverdream varies from sounding like Dream Theater, Queensryche, My Dying Bride, and Anathema. “Chemical Faith” has a doomy rock vibe at times like Anathema. In the slow-pace heavy riffs even some of the more aggressive guitars they reminds me of My Dying Bride. The tone of the heavier guitars does as well. It has a similar raw sound; almost too raw at times compared to the rest of the composition. The music is similarly constructed to Dream Theater and Queensryche. When Neverdream uses multiple layers of music to form their composition it puts off a Dream Theater type resonance. Pulling that off shows these guys work pretty well together. Passionate solos too. Vocals aren’t amazing, but definitely satisfactory for this band. They are somewhat unique as no one really popped into my head for reference. He has a few tendencies in his vocals that remind me of Geoff Tate or Make Patton, but nothing to really say like he sound like either. A little bit of an electronic touch to the music, it’s not used all the time, more to set a mood. It’s more or less industrial/techno atmospheres at time. Keys are similar style, to Derek Sherenian, but more of a poor man’s version. He pretty much adds atmosphere, and has a few appreciable solos. Also a bit of Saxophone is put in this disc, and is featured in the song “Sogni” pretty much as the lead instrument. It’s also used proficiently in “Zoologischer Garten (Hell’s Gate).” Overall there are nine tracks over fifty-two minutes on “Chemical Faith.” A little more writing and we may have something here.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins