Neverise - Failed (Independent) - Back
Italian born band Neverise was formed only a couple years ago in 2004. If you combine death metal with variations of heavy, thrash and melodic metal and you can get close to the band. I think I may hear a few hardcore influences too. “Failed” is their first promo CD, and it’s not too bad for a first recording. After the solemn intro the band at times gets on the verge of Amon Amarth, At The Gates and God Dethroned in extremity. Everyone in the band seems to be comfortable playing their instruments. Swedish melodic death riffs are a definite strong point on “Failed.” Several good melodic riffs, leads and solos keep you entertained as you listen. Having a little more selective riff selection could help along with a little different variation of how elements are combined together might help a little. A few times I notices elements butting heads, but once again it’s not that bad. Best track on the CD in my opinion is “Illusive Conception” due to the melodic guitar work, especially the main riff. It’s alluring. The six tracks and thirty minutes were mixed at Temple of Noise Studios in Rome, Italy. Stormlord and Aborym have also recorded there. Production is worthy, but every so often the guitars sound a little second-rate, and or the double bass drums. Not trying to be nitpicky though. It’s not a bad start, being this is a rather new bad they have some room to improve and grow. Which could become a good thing…


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins