Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor (Century Media) - Back
Is there anything this band can’t do? Nevermore returns in 2005 with eleven tracks that last nearly an hour on their new album “This Godless Endeavor.” Familiar sounds from their past are back once again with their famous eerie melodies and crushingly heavy guitars…and this time, I’m talking a full-blown wrecking-ball. Crank this one up and watch your walls crack and paint chip off your ceiling as you fall through the floor in amazement. Whether you like clean singing vocals or something more abrasive, the passionate singing of Warrel Dane is enough to give you chills. Joining Jeff Loomis on guitar this time is Steve Smyth (ex-Testament /Dragonlord), whom is making his Nevermore debut. James Murphy (ex-Testament/Death/Cancer) makes a guest appearance and showcases his guitar talents with a ripping solo on the instrumental “The Holocaust Of Thought.” Another well-known individual, Andy Sneap, produces them again. For those that enjoy the lighter side of the band, “Sentient 6” is a traditional ballad that Nevermore would do. The classic “Dead Heart, In A Dead World” might be the only thing that could surpass this disc, but just barely. I would have given this disc an even better rating, but it took me two listens to realize just how good this disc is…it must have knocked me unconscious the first time. Can you say album of the year? I hope so!

Rating: 96