New Mexican Erection - Co-Dependent (Nasty Cactus Music) - Back
Aggressive thrash metal would be an accurate description of New Mexican Erection, but they say they are “funk meets heavy metal.” Either way, they have attitude and sound like they are trying to write like System of a Down, but its second rate. The songs aren’t that bad, but they aren’t really that good either. Most tracks fail to set up any kind of flow. Its like they try to pack every song with tons of riffs, which they do, and don’t consider anything else. That could be what’s ruining them. Also, when the vocalist tries to sing it lowers the quality of the songs, he probably should stick to the yelling vocals. I like the nasty raw guitar sound and they have some nice, heavy riffs but the production levels sour it some. They could probably use a little production help. Some of the levels were to high or not balanced with the other band members. Its sounds like they rushed the writing and production. The songs are written of things that piss them off and are between 2:00 and 3:30 minutes in length. The only track I slightly got into was “Trailer Hitch” because I can relate to the lyrics. They have some hurdles to get over and if they could get this produced better it would fix some of the problem. Sorry, I just couldn’t get into it.

Rating: 52