Nihilist - The Nihilist Demos (Threeman/Candlelight) - Back
Nihilist! This should bring back time for a lot of metalheads. Basically they are Entombed before they were Entombed. Featuring guitarist Alex Hellid (Entombed), drummer Nicke Anderson (The Hellacopters/Entombed), bassist Johnny Hedlund (Unleashed/Entombed), vocals by L-G Petrov (Entombed/Comecon). They disbanded in 1989, but they had the sound that made Entombed famous! “The Nihilist Demos” is just that, a CD filled with demo tracks from Nihilist. It’s only really limited by the recording quality. The quality is not quite there yet. It’s not great because it’s demos. “The Nihilist Demos” doesn’t really sound all that good on the ears, but at least you get to understand where a number of the Entombed tracks came from. Some of these tracks are first time recordings of songs from “Left Hand Path” and “Clandestine.” “Supposed to Rot,” “Carnal Leftovers” “Abnormally Deceased,” “Revel in Flesh,” “Sever Burns,” “When Life has Ceased,” “Morbid Devourment,” “But Life Goes On,” Shreds of Flesh,” and “The Truth Beyond” are all on this CD. Obviously, if this was better recorded I could give this a better grade. A must for any Entombed fan!

Rating: 78