Nile - Ithyphallic (Nuclear Blast Records) - Back
Their official web site declares, "Nile are Death Metal's Iron Maiden." I agree wholeheartedly. After hearing another great release from the band, Nile continues their legacy once more. "Ithyphallic" doesn't lack innovation whatsoever. There are three vocalists on this recording: Karl Sanders, Dallas Toler-Wade and Chris Lollis. All of them dishing out hoarse vox!

The guitar riffs are a blend of Brutal Death Metal, which also carries technical parts plus brief acoustic guitar melodies! The drumming by George Kollias is definitely well constructed. Everything was well mixed. This is the band's first album under the label Nuclear Blast.

The lyrics were well thought out and pretty complex. If you wish to view them, click on Nile's fifth full-length album will not disappoint! I didn't care very much for the guitar solos. That's my only complaint. On the digipack it features two bonus tracks that are instrumentals, totaling almost 60 minutes of awesome Brutal/Technical Death Metal!


Reviewed By: Death8699 -