No Colours Records – Compilation Vol. III (No Colours Records) - Back
Most of the bands on this fifteen-track compilation by No Colours Records are of the extreme of extremes; black metal. It’s real black metal, unlike the polished type, not Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth. A couple of these bands are good representers of old school extreme, raw, black metal. The bands try to punish their instruments and be as fierce and intense as possible. Not all of the bands sound the same; some have more keys, some are more raw, etc. There are a couple songs in other genres including death, thrash and Celtic that are equally as good as the black metal bands. A few of the bands are immature or are just too raw to be good. If it’s hard to hear, what’s the point of listening? The only other thing I have to pick on is the level on different songs jump from one to another. Besides that there were quite a few songs that I enjoy and I’d like to here more from bands including Lord Wind, Weltmacht, Judas Iscariot, Graveland, Slaves, and Satanic Warmaster. It’s good to see that not all bands are abandoning the roots of their genre. This is a refreshed awakening for the underground scene.

Rating: 68