Noctiferia - Per Aspera (Arctic Music Group) - Back
Well, well, well... I have never heard of Ljubljana (Slovenia), but it doesn't matter if they're from Buttfuck, Antarctica... Noctiferia are awesome! This death metal quartet was actually formed back in 1994, but was never really recognized until the end of the 20th century. I am ashamed of the record labels who elected not to sign these guys. I am, however, very proud of the Arctic Music Group in doing such because "Per Aspera" is a mind-blowing metal experience that molds together old-school technical death metal and mid-paced atmospheric black metal. Ultimately, Noctiferia reminds me of Altars of Madness-era Morbid Angel and Nocturnus. There is a vast range of musical progression in their sound as well. Noctiferia appears to be very intelligent in their song writing. The structures are very technical (track 5 - God's Debris), yet still hooking the listener right in the mouth with heaviness (track 2 - Grief to Master). I just love the brutal technicality intertwined with keyboards. That in itself, is a feat that few are able to accomplish with integrity. So therein lies 9 tracks of newfound familiarity... a sound all their own! If you are into death metal at all, don't be a fool and let these guys pass you by!!

Rating: 91

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell