Noctuary - When Fires Breed Blood (Lost Disciple Records) - Back
When I first heard Noctuary I was thinking to myself that the CD could have used a little more production. But even though the production seems a little raw, it fits pretty good with their music. After a few listens I got into the CD. Noctuary is a black metal band and many black metal bands from Scandinavia have used raw production for atmosphere in their music. These guys are from California, and they have used it to their advantage well. Picture a cross of Emperor and Mayhem, with a little Dimmu Borgir and Marduk. Its pretty cool stuff. The whole CD last nearly thirty-eight minutes, and with eight tracks, the songs are of perfect length. These guys seem pretty talented in their music writting, I love the little side riffing they do throughout the CD. Their solo's seem to have a lot of feeling to them, and sounds just amazing. All their songs have their highlights in them, but the few that stood out for me as a whole were "Legions March Unto Earthly Realms" and "A Tear's Descent From Heaven." "A Tears..." is my favorite track on this CD, it is a great song. "At Journey's End" and "Vengeance Before Valor" are pretty good to, some really cool riffs and solos. The band has played at the Milwaukee Metalfest a couple times, so they can definitely play live. Look for a possible tour for them with Pessimist, Averse Sefira, and Darkmoon.

Rating: 74