Nocturnal Rites - Grand Illusions (Century Media Records) - Back
It seems just like the other day when Nocturnal Rites joined the metal realm, but that was over ten years ago. Hard to believe? Maybe, but “In a Time of Blood and Fire” was released in 1995. “Grand Illusions” is the band’s brand new album, and it continues with them showing their key metallic traits. Whether you call their style of music symphonic powermetal, melodic progressive metal, or even powermetal with keys, they know what metalheads appreciate. It’s great to feel the power within the notes when a band writes their songs in the appropriate ways. Nocturnal Rites does this with a great deal of passion in the vocals and guitar solos. Both elements will suck you into the ten-song and over forty-six minute disc. If that isn’t quite enough, the band has several guest musicians on the album from their native Sweden. These include Stefan Elmgren of Hammerfall, Keyboardist Jens Johansson of Stratovarius, guitarist Henrick Danhage of Evergrey and Naglfar vocalist Kristoffer W. Olivius. Even Sweden’s cross-country skier Per Elofsson shows his guitar talents. Something for everyone…even if power metal isn’t your thing. Also, the “Fools Never Die” video will be on the enhanced version of this album, along with the making of video. Well there you have it, another solid album from Nocturnal Rites. Most of this record is strong; so don’t hesitate to check this record out if you are a fan of Nocturnal Rites or power metal in general.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins