Nocturnal Rites - The 8th Sin (Century Media Records) - Back
It’s not to often that a band will reach the eighth album of their career. Nocturnal Rites reaches just that with their aptly named “The 8th Sin.” This should show all that this is one hell of an accomplished band, and they continue their melodic and heavy power metal with energy and charisma.

Nocturnal Rites have been kicking around since the early nineties and their song writing ability has matured and improved ever since then, “The 8th Sin” could possibly their best album yet. Every track on this CD is solid and has at least a few hooks that make you want to listen again. Track 4, “Tell Me,” starts with a riff that has an overwhelming Iron Maiden vibe, this is one of my favorites on the album. “Not Like You,” “Never Again,” and “Leave Me Alone” (overall favorite) are also amongst my preferred tracks.

Vocally there is another strong singing vocal performance with lots of passion. Speaking of passion, there are plenty of good solos, which are another key item in their composition. The consistent melodic choruses, all seem well done and pleasing to the ear. Along with the nice melodic guitarwork there are a quantity of excellent thrash riffs. The drumming ties the band together nicely completes their sound with appropriate beats and fills.

The sweet production for “The 8th Sin” was done by the band and co-produced by Shep. Nocturnal Rites also mixed the album with Mattias Eklund at Toontrack Music. I must suggest fans of power metal to throw your ears at this album. Not only will you get an eleven amazing songs and nearly forty-four minute CD but it also comes with a bonus DVD with live performances from Japan, Europe and bonus videos. That’s a great deal in my humble opinion.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins