Nocturnus - Ethereal Tomb (Season of Mist) - Back
Florida's death metal legend, Nocturnus, is back on the metal scene and picking up where they left off. As Necropolis Records says, "This rebirth is not a reunion, but a true rebirth!" The band has signed to Season of Mist Records, a french label that seems to be pulling in a lot of great bands to their dominion. The sound of this album is much like their older stuff, but more progressive, technical, and with a new vocal vigor. There are eight tracks on this masterfully written album that spans over forty minutes. All eight tracks are amazing, but tracks that stand out include "Orbital Decay", "Searching for the Trident", and "Paranormal States." If your interested in more information on Nocturnus, visit their website at The CD is getting U.S. distribution through Necropolis Records. If you are interested in seeing Nocturnus live, you can catch them at March Metal Meltdown in Pensauken, NJ. I know this is an act that I can't, and will not miss.

Rating: 91