Noekk - The Grimalkin (Prophecy Productions) - Back
This is quite an impressive follow-up to last year’s "The Water Sprite" disc, which itself had much appraisal. Noekk’s sophomore offering, "The Grimalkin," is no flop! Instead, it has begun to weave it's own web in prog. rock / metal. Featured are 3 tracks, but they are heavily formatted into over 40 minutes total. Not only has Baldachin & Yugoth (Helm & Schwadorf) created a binding opus of stellar progressive music, they managed to keep it hard-hitting as well. Many parts of the disc have the subtlety followed almost directly by the aggression, so that's what makes it more hard-hitting to me. This album is much different than the first album, but still showcases a free-flowing wall of integrity. Everything put into this like the keyboards, the guitars, vocals, and whatnot, seem to always evolve without really sounding like there is too much going on. The slower, more acoustic passages are sorta haunting or mystical but still quite melodic. They actually remind me of the newer, more acoustic Opeth parts! I'm sure that wasn't the intention, but nevertheless Noekk have created genuinely! If you have the patience and the mind for good music, you will likely enjoy this release.....


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell