Non-Divine - My Obsession (Independent) - Back
Non-Divine, a band from the Netherlands, with a hard rock/groove metal sound, release their first demo called "My Obsession." It's hard to place what bands sound similar to them, its like a cross between Sevendust, Alice In Chains and Anthrax. So you can see its pretty hard to describe. This demo is a concept album about a lunatic asylum. Which is always an interesting topic, especially to have a concept album about it. Keep in mind that this is a demo, it needs some polishing up, as most demo's need. So don't be expecting a Metallica studio quality. Thats basically all the complaints I have about this CD. I love the sound files they add into their music, it gives it more of a concept. There are 5 tracks on this CD, and I believe, the title track, "My Obsession," is the best track. It has a really catchy riff in it. The CD last for 25 minutes as well. If your interested in more about this band check out their website at You can check out some of their sound files there. And if your interested in buying their CD you can order it by sending $8 (Including Shipping) (F 20, if in the Netherlands) to W. Van Pontlaan 112, 6824 GM Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Rating: 71