Nordream - Memories Progression (Valiant Music Productions) - Back
An album filled of epic songs and intriguing instrumentals, Nordream, definitely knows how to write songs to perfection. If you combine Dream Theater, Iced Earth, and a tad of Stratovarius, Anathema, and Amorphis you would begin to understand what this band can do. Some of their songs have that sound that anyone can get into. Songs like "Memories Of A Hope," "Memories I Love," and "Forcefed Memories" are well written songs from the music to lyrics. The last three songs on this CD are basically instrumentals. "Ugly Face," "Memories - A Heaven In Hell's Despair," and "Hvost Memories" are composed in such a way that I think I may like them more then the songs with lyrics. Nordream has gained my respect throughout while I listened to "Memories Progression." The nine tracks on this CD may be one of the most dimensional CDs I have heard in a while. Forty-three minutes of music will inspire you in whatever you are doing while listening to this album. I definitely recommend this CD to anyone into Progressive, Thrash, Powermetal, Death Metal and Hard Rock.

Rating: 90