November's Doom - The Knowing (Dark Symphonies) - Back
Wow, what an album. This is definitely a candidate for album of the year from me. Everything about it is amazing. The music simply put is just unbelievable. The leads that are played throughout this album keep you right into the music. November's Doom have a great sound and amazing visions as well. Put together Anathema, My Dying Bride and Opeth, and you can get close to the sound of November's Doom. "Awaken" the opening track is an amazing track, very epic sounding. "Shadows of Light," "Silent Tomorrow," "Last God," and "In Memories Past are all great songs and probably will make this album at the top of some people's album of the year charts. "Intervene" is a great acoustic break, very well written. "Harmony Divine," "In Faith" aren't bad songs either, they kinda add emphasis that this album does not have any week spots. There is so much that is good on this album, there really aren't enough words to describe it. There are twelve tracks on this CD, and over an hour of music. You even get an extra track with the edit of their song "Silent Tomorrow" so you can listen to this great song twice when you listen to the album. I shouldn't have to tell you to take a listen to this album. You should already have this in your collection. Go to the Dark Symphonies website and get yours now, or maybe ask Santa for it for Christmas.

Rating: 95