Nuestros Derechos - Demo (Independent) - Back
You could call it metalcore, thrash core or whatever, but what it really sounds like is when punk and metal first met. I’m talking about Nuestros Derechos’ four-song demo, and its not bad. Think metal but hardcore/punk, basically thrashcore. A mix of Slayer, DRI, and a little death metal, probably would get you close to their sound. The screaming vocals add another element and remind me of Seth from Anal Cunt, maybe just a little. These four songs and a little more than nine minutes might not be much to feast on, but it’s enough to get a taste of their madness. Each track keeps interesting and stays aggressive, along with a nice acoustic outro to wind down too. It’s quite pleasing to the ears and reminiscent of Empyrium or an Opeth ballad. “Out of the Womb” has some very Slayerish riffs and is my favorite track. Right after that, the second track, “Het Wijnglas,” almost has the Swedish death sound at times; the main riff reminds me of At The Gates. I wouldn’t say this was great, but Nuestros Derechos has grabbed my attention!

Rating: 71