Nyia - Head Held High (Candlelight Records) - Back
In December of 1999, Jaroslaw Labieniec (guitar), formally of Vader, Simon Czech (guitar) from Prophecy and Wojciech Szymanski from Polish band Kobong made real a project that would use sharp, unconventional music and their experience with sound to create Nyia. Michal Pawluc joined Nyia in late 2003 and replaced Bogdan Kondracki who did the vocals on this disc. This project uses new and extreme compositions that are fast and chaotic, and filled with intensity. You could say they are similar to Cephalic Carnage with maybe a little Neurosis and Meshuggah, but more speed and death oriented. The twelve songs are generally short and last for about twenty-five minutes. It’s not that the length is bad, but you do get the feeling sometimes things are a little unfinished. A few songs grabbed my attention but some left me unfulfilled. At times the music can change from being intense to being repetitive and on the verge of getting annoying. It doesn’t happen that often because they are always seem to be doing something different with their experimenting. I love the slow grinding riff in “Everything is a Dream,” it’s probably my favorite track. “Heads of the Insane,” “Wherever You’ll Be,” and the title track “Head Held High” a pretty cool as well. I will be interesting to see what theses guys do next, they have a lot going for them, and hopefully they can pull it all together.

Rating: 64