Oath To Vanquish - Applied Schizophrenic Science (Grindethic Records) - Back
Lebanon probably isn’t the first place you think of when you think of death metal, or even metal in general. However, Oath To Vanquish hails from there and what they created on “Applied Schizophrenic Science” can be compared to some of the most brutal and gutteral death you can think of. I’m talking super, nasty, guttural grind style. If you turn up your stereo during the heavier riffs you will think that you are having a rhythmatic earthquake. Stuff will fly off your walls! Vocals at times are like he’s vomiting on the microphone. And the other main vocals are higher-toned death vocals, like a demonic black metal scream. It’s comparable to the dual Dying Fetus death vocals, along with some of the musical brutality too. Along with the guttural, brutal, death it would also seem they have some black metal influences in the melodies and vocal parts as well. Grindcore is also an important trait to this band. You will find several brutal death riffs throughout the album, and a few somewhat melodic death/black metal parts. A nice technical element along with the brutality tie most of these nine songs, and thirty-two minutes together, think of what Necrophagist and Morbid Angel do. Nothing on this album is inferior, just a few minor flaws. Sure, this isn’t the most innovative album, but if you want something brutal, intense and heavy, Oath To Vanquish and their disc “Applied Schizophrenic Science” is something you will want to check out.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins