Oblomov - Mighty Cosmic Dances (Deepsend Records) - Back
“Mighty Cosmic Dances” is a black metal album based on well-known science fiction writings. Not every band uses a topic as such, but it works well for this release. As you listen to the album you will find and assortment of traits that will scream black metal and a few other techniques not usually attempted in the genre. Oblomov take tradition black and mix it at times with a few powerful, experimental, atmospheric parts and rockin’ jazzy parts, including a saxophone and all. The use of a saxophone in a few tracks might seem a bit odd, but with a few listens you can’t picture those songs without them. Vocals are tradition raspy black metal style, a perfect match for the band. For the production, this metal trio from the Czech Republic can be a little chaotic or raw, but generally they keep it together pretty well. However, the second half doesn’t seem to have the energy or quality of the first half. After the track “Starsend” the album seems to dwindle some. The albums seemed to build up to that track and then loose its air. The two tracks after it specifically, but the last track, “Dreamworks,” is decent though. “Mighty Cosmic Dances” has nine tracks and over thirty-nine minutes, and is encased within an experimental mystical/atmospheric intro and outro. If you chose to take this adventure be prepared for something a little different.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins