Obscene Gesture - Straight Outta The Gutter (Independent) - Back
In early 2006 George Rob (Agent Steel, LSN, Détente) and Vince Dennis (Body Count, Steel Prophet) joined Guy and Chuck in Obscene Gesture to complete the current lineup. The band plays old-school thrash/punk metal with a technique that some may consider hardcore. Their songs are short but straight to the point. Aggressive at times and at others times groove-driven badass riffs! Musically they are like S.O.D., Slayer, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, and D.R.I. You can hear Slayer in certain riffs and solos; they have that vibe. Also the song structures are comparable to SOD. The solos are decent, but a few parts are a little rough…but hey, this is their 2006 demo. It’s nothing that can’t be adjusted. The yelling vocals are the variety that you can understand what is being said. They aren’t overbearing or too abrasive like other bands with similar styles as Obscene Gesture. Overall there are seven tracks, including an intro, for eleven minutes. Personally I like a little more length to songs, but they do well for being together not that long. Definitely good for a demo! Obscene Gesture’s debut album is coming out early 2007. You may want to keep an eye on these guys, it seems they have potential.


Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins