Octavia Sperati - Winter Enclosure (Candlelight) - Back
A female sextet from Bergen, Norway, named Octavia Sperati take the melodic metal approach to their debut album “Winter Enclosure.” It’s mostly a gothic doom sound, but also some melodious black metal influences in their riffs. There are a few really nice parts but there are some mediocre parts that offset them. With the female vocals, it’s reminiscent of The Gathering, The 3rd and the Mortal, Nightwish, or Lacuna Coil. The mesmerizing female vocals are among the best assets for the band, almost Tori Amos like at times. Musically, “Winter Enclosure” is simple yet full of sound for the most part. Certain songs have components that seem to lack vitality and can get monotonous. Octavia Sperati could also be a little tighter and are a little immature with their writing. Though it will probably improve with time; this is their first release.

Rating: 70