Octavia Sperati - Grace Submerged (Candlelight Records) - Back
It doesn't seem like it's been two years since Octavia's debut, “Winter Enclosure,” stunned the underground. Alas... Octavia Sperati's sophomore release is no disappointment in retrospect to their first album. This one isn't exactly a super-lengthy proposition, but the songs average around four minutes a-piece (10 songs, 38 minutes). There are still six members, all female except the drummer. The vocals have improved, most of the guitarwork seems to be a little more dynamic and really the overall compositions have deepened in maturity. The new drummer has brought a bit more to the table than the previous drummer by utilizing more than just the basics (some faster kicks and better hat use). There seem to be more rock-oriented parts to their music this time around as well. My favorite track is "...and then the World Froze". This track sort of sums up my review for me. For those of you who haven't checked them out yet, do so. Great gothic / doom!


Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell