Of Infinity - The Essence Of Infinity (Independent) - Back
Introducing a new female-fronted melodic metal band from San Antonio, Texas... Of Infinity. The bands' first official release is more like an EP with only 3 songs featured, but these particular compositions are outstanding! Not only are they outstanding, they have a lot of different genre references as well as some diverse transitions and medleys. What I mean by "diverse" is that there is always a lot going on in their tracks and it is hard to decipher where they will go next. From oceans of orchestrations to fields of guitar harmonies and drum precision, there isn't really anything they can't do. I remember hearing these guys at mp3.com a while back without vocals and I think the choice in vocals they made is wise, indeed. Alessandra has a very beautiful voice! Of Infinity at times remind me of an operatic power metal style group like that of Nightwish or Sinergy, then other times they sound similar to Within Temptation or older-Theatre of Tragedy (without the death vocals). I suppose gothic-symphonic metal would be an accurate description to make a long story short-er. Every member in the band knows how to play their respective instruments. Even the production and mastering of this disc is pretty decent. This is like a supergroup of sorts. The only misdemeanor I could really come up with was the short output, but then this is just a demo of sorts to build up on a debut full-length I'm sure. If not, then my apologies. This is, however, a great output even if there are only 3 tracks. Of Infinity will most certainly get the recognition they want if they find the right label and distributor!! An awesome beginning.

Rating: 91

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell