Oil - Choice Cuts Off the Chopping Block: LIVE (Roxx Records) - Back
So this is where ex-Dark Angel frontman, Ron Rinehart, went to. This is just a live disc, but it is a great tool to hear some of Oil's back catalogue. Oil, fronted by guitarist/vocalist Blake Nelson, are a fairly progressive and super-heavy Christian Thrash metal outfit with some reference to Hardcore and slight Death metal elements. Usually I'm not a huge fan of live albums, but Ron's lead vocals are awesome! He sounds so much more in tune and sings slower than when he was with Dark Angel. Blake's technical guitar tones are awesome, Matt's bass pounds absurdly and is obviously evident with the super-heavy sound, and the drum precision is superbly free-flowing with little if any mistakes at all in this live setting. The lyrics are totally written in correlation with Jesus Christ as is evident in tracks like "Life Addiction" and "S.I.N.+". These two songs are also my favorites. So black metal enthusiasts may want to keep their distance! In all actuality, this is some superb thrash metal craftsmanship! Unfortunately, though, Ron has recently departed the band. Hopefully, Blake & co. will find someone a bit like Ron for their future releases....

Rating: 76

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell