Old Man's Child - Vermin (Century Media) - Back
Just when it is thought that the Old Man's Child had nothing left to prove in the dark, black metal underworld, yet another monster is born. "Vermin" is Galder's 6th creation! So what exactly does OMC have left to prove? Well, nothing really. This, however, is probably Galder's best solo work to date (...and 2nd, the other was "Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion") with the exception of the drumwork which is handled by Exmortem's Reno Killerich (also in Vile and ex-Dimmu Borgir drummer). I'm sure this was a very difficult task for essentially, two men, creating an album to nearly the same caliber as "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant"! Of course, the strong points are the guitar and synth-work. Excellent placement of the keyboards where they are needed and likewise for the guitar solos. The feel of the album is evil, dark & epic. Galder mostly utilizes his thrash backgrounds for the choppy, technical riffs and even a lot of acoustic guitar is evident on this album. “Vermin” definitely gives "The Pagan Prosperity" a good run... perhaps even outlasting it's classic indulgence. This is a highly recommended masterpiece!!! Great job, Galder & Reno!!

Rating: 94

Reviewed By: Thomas Mitchell